Good Girl To Goddess Podcast

The Power of Being Single

December 27, 2019 Joy Balma / Holly Hartman Season 1 Episode 9
Good Girl To Goddess Podcast
The Power of Being Single
Show Notes

Being a single woman breaks with Good Girl code. Society pressures us to pair up and get married as if this is the only way to be happy! We can feel shame and embarrassment if we aren't in a partnership. Joy and Holly blow this myth up and talk about how to be an empowered single by learning to date yourself. It's time to let go of the stigma of being single and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Life is one long date with yourself. It's your responsibility to meet your needs whether you are in a relationship or not.

Being single is not the end of the world. It might be just the beginning!

Holly Hartman is a life transformation coach who empowers women to date themselves. Holly believes that solo dating can help women to love themselves and heal. She takes women on a self-discovery journey back to themselves. Holly's own personal intensive self-development includes healing from co-dependency, toxic relationships and addictions. She's dedicated to breaking toxic cycles of her past and helps others do the same so that generations to come can be healed.
Holly's online group is #SoloDateChallenge

Joy's book - Crack Your Good Girl Code